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Photograph of the Festival Theatre



This is an exciting time for the Stratford Festival. In 2022, we reopen our theatres, honour the excellence of the past and embark on a new leg of our journey together. A fresh start: an opportunity to reassess ourselves in the world today, reaffirm what we value and take the best path to an extraordinary future.

This will also be a year to celebrate milestones: our 70th season, the 20th anniversary of the Studio Theatre, the 10th season of The Meighen Forum, and the grand opening of our glorious new Tom Patterson Theatre.

It’s fitting, then, that our season theme for 2022 is New Beginnings. Our playbill explores the difficult moral and ethical decisions a new journey entails: What is the best way to start again? How can we avoid the traps of the past? In an imperfect world, what is good?

From Shakespeare’s most iconic play, Hamlet, to the American family classic Little Women; from the great Nigerian Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman to such captivating new plays as 1939 and Hamlet-911, we offer you stories about navigating a new start in life.

Your enjoyment will be enhanced by finding intriguing connections between, for instance, 1939 and All’s Well That Ends Well and between Hamlet-911 and Hamlet. Such connections make for a beautiful symmetry, and fractals within that symmetry: mirrors upon mirrors upon mirrors, provoking thought and uniting the season into a cohesive whole.

Sheer delight is never far away, as we present one of the greatest musicals ever written: Chicago, with its kinetic dance, scintillating book and unforgettable songs. And The Miser, Molière’s delicious satire on the love of money, is complemented by Every Little Nookie, a naughty new comedy about sharing . . . well, everything.

And new beginnings reach their zenith as we open our new Tom Patterson Theatre with Richard III, the play that launched the original Stratford adventure back in 1953.

Combining Shakespeare with contemporary dramas, classic stories from the English and French traditions with a new Indigenous play and a magnificent Nigerian tale, an iconic musical with a racy comedy about polyamory and economics in the modern world, this is truly a season for everyone.

Come join us on this new theatrical voyage as we celebrate the best of the past, revel in the present moment together and look ahead to an irresistible future.    

Antoni Cimolino 
Artistic Director