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STRATFEST@HOME – The Stratford Festival’s Digital Subscription Service

STRATFEST@HOME is the Stratford Festival’s digital streaming platform, where you can enjoy unlimited access to world-renowned theatre, dance, and music performances released weekly. With hundreds of series and films from theatre and arts organizations across the globe, STRATFEST@HOME is your ultimate point of entry to digital theatre and performative arts!

The new STRATFEST@HOME can be found at

How much is a subscription?
The STRATFEST@HOME subscription is $7.99 CAD monthly or $79.99 CAD annually.

I'm already subscribed to STRATFEST@HOME. How do I access the new platform?
The new platform will require you to create a new account as your current Stratford Festival password is not connected to the new platform. When you sign up for the new platform, any previous payments from your old subscription will be discontinued and you will not be double-billed. If you were paying with funds from your Stratford Festival account, they will no longer be used and will remain on your account for future ticket purchases.

What is the subscription frequency?
Monthly or Annually. Subscriptions roll over automatically each month on the date your subscription was taken out. For instance, if you take out a subscription on October 15, its cost will be automatically charged to the method of payment on the 15th of each ensuing month until you cancel your subscription, or the service is ended. 

Can I use my Gift Certificate to pay for my subscription?
As of June 15, 2023, Stratford Festival gift certificates can no longer be used for our digital subscription service, STRATFEST@HOME. You can gift a STRATFEST@HOME subscription, however, by visiting STRATFEST@HOME.

Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting STRATFEST@HOME on a Web Browser. Go to “Account Settings” in the upper right corner and click “Billing & Subscription” and “Manage subscription”. Your changes will be applied to your next subscription period.

When you sign up for the new platform, any previous payments from your subscription on the old platform will be automatically discontinued and you will not be double-billed. If you were paying with funds from your Stratford Festival account, they will no longer be used and will remain on your account for future ticket purchases. If you would like to cancel your subscription on the old platform and do not wish to create an account on the new platform, please email We need at least two business days (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to process cancellations.

How do I update my credit card information for monthly billing?
On a Web Browser, visit STRATFEST@HOME and go to “Account Settings” in the upper right corner, and click “Billing & Subscription” and click “Payment Method.”

Is it possible to try before I buy?
When you visit the STRATFEST@HOME page, you’ll be able to try it for free for 7 days.

What content can I access as a STRATFEST@HOME subscriber?
By subscribing to STRATFEST@HOME, you’ll have immediate access to all available Stratford Festival filmed stage productions, original series and shorts, supplementary content and work from theatre and arts organizations around the world. The catalogue of work will be ever-growing, as we’ll offer new releases monthly

The STRATFEST@HOME content will vary by region and may change over time, as we don’t hold global distribution rights for all content, and the rights to some content have been granted to us only for a limited period of time

Will all Stratford Festival shows be available as live streams?
We do not hold the screen distribution rights to all productions and events that we present at the Festival. There can be many reasons for this, the two most common being that a film or television production company has purchased screen rights to a particular play or musical or that another theatre company holds the rights to present the show in their territory, which prohibits the Stratford Festival’s production being broadcast in that same territory.

Is all content available in all corners of the globe?
Most, but not all, of the content is available globally. In some cases, the distribution rights we hold may limit release to Canadian viewers. Such content will be identified by the words "Currently available in Canada only" in the description, along with a date for global release.

Is there still free content and video on YouTube?
Yes: selected works, episodes, trailers and other promotional content are available for free on both the Stratford Festival website and other streaming sites such as YouTube. The benefit of subscribing to STRATFEST@HOME is that our exclusive content (available only on the platform) has been curated into one easy-to-navigate section of the website and mobile applications. 

Will there be viewing parties inside the subscription?
To offer you live-event excitement within the subscription series, we aim to introduce appointment viewing – viewing parties – in the future.

What happens to on-demand purchases?
On-demand purchases remain valid in perpetuity. To access a previously purchased film on demand, you will need to log into the Stratford Festival Website and visit the "My On Demand” page. For future On Demand purchases, please visit the STRATFEST@HOME “Buy or Rent” section.

Why would I choose to subscribe rather than purchase a film on demand and vice versa?
By subscribing to STRATFEST@HOME, you can watch all our content while your subscription is current. That’s a lot of content, but access to it is time-bound

If you purchased an on-demand version of a Stratford Festival On Film production, you have that film, and only that film, available to you in perpetuity.

Can I still purchase a single film on demand?
Yes: if you want to have permanent or temporary access to a specific title, you can purchase it directly on STRATFEST@HOME. Each film that is available for purchase or rent is available on STRATFEST@HOME.

Technical FAQ

For all technical FAQ, please visit: