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Have questions about your upcoming visit? Read about our COVID Policies and Care Commitment.

1. How do I get to the Stratford Festival?

Located in the city of Stratford, Ontario, we are linked to Highway 401 by Highway 8 or by Perth Road113/County Road 6. Stratford is within a three-hour drive of four major border crossings from the United States. For more information and maps to our venues, please visit our Getting Here page.  

2. Is parking available at the theatres?

Please visit our Theatre Maps & Guides page for parking maps and detailed options while attending our theatres. Be sure to check out city parking options! City core parking map

3. What taxi/public transit services does Stratford have?

  • City Cabs         519.272.2222
  • Radio Cab        519.271.4242
  • Festival Cab     519.508.8888
  • Stratford Taxi    519.272.0101

City Buses
Phone:  519.271.0250, extension 264
Website: Stratford Transit

4. Will you be offering the Stratford Direct Bus service from Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo?

For the 2022 season, we will be offering the Stratford Direct Bus Service from Toronto. Our Vaughan, Kitchener-Waterloo line remains paused for the season.  

5. Do the theatres offer bar and food service?

Light lunches and dinners, beverages, pre-ordered picnic packages and snacks are available at the Festival and Tom Patterson Theatres. Snacks and beverages are also available at our other theatres. For more details, please visit our On-Site Amenities page. Please note, Ontario Government Regulations intended to control the spread of COVID-19 may be in effect when you visit and may impact our ability to serve food and beverage at our theatres. These regulations change frequently as the Ontario Government responds to changes in the course of the pandemic.

Much of our programming is accessible to children aged 10 and up, and some productions may be fine for younger children. Unfortunately, babes in arms and children under the age of two are not permitted in the auditorium. Children over the age of two are required to have their own ticket and must sit in their own seat.

If you have questions about suitability, please call our Box Office or check the audience advisory information provided on our production pages. We also recommend that minors be seated next to their parents/guardians.

6. Are children welcome to attend performances at the Festival?

Much of our programming is accessible to children aged 10 and up, and some productions may be fine for younger children. In order for our theatre to be the most accessible to all parents and children, we are currently examining new policies for babes in arms and children under the age of two. Children over the age of two are required to have their own ticket and must sit in their own seat.

If you have questions about suitability or accessibility, please call our Box Office or check the audience advisory information provided on our production pages. We also recommend that minors be seated next to their parents/guardians.

Unaccompanied minors under the age of 12 are discouraged. 

7. May I take pictures or make recordings? 

Photographs may not be taken and recordings are not permitted at any time during the performance; however, we encourage you to create visual mementos of your family and friends enjoying their Stratford Festival experience. Photos and video may be taken before the performance and during the interval.

8. Are there any theatre etiquette guidelines to keep in mind?

Please turn off all mobile devices once you’re seated so that no one will be disturbed during the performance. You’re welcome to bring bottled water or beverages in our lidded theatre cups into the auditorium – but, please, no other food or drinks.

9. What is the Festival's scent policy? 

We encourage our patrons to refrain from wearing perfume, cologne and other scented products when visiting our theatres; however, we cannot guarantee a scent-free environment. Should you have an allergy to scented products and require a change in your seating location, please see the House Manager and if possible, we will relocate you to comparable seating. Should you have severe allergies, please reach out to Guest Services prior to your scheduled visit and we will do our best to accommodate you.

10. Does the Stratford Festival have a dress code?

We do not have a dress code, though many of our patrons do like to dress up for the occasion! Whether you choose casual or more formal attire, consider bringing a light sweater or jacket, as our theatres are air-conditioned. For the comfort and safety of others attending the performance who have allergies or intolerances, please consider using scented products sparingly, or foregoing them altogether.

11. What are your late and/or readmission policies?

If you arrive late for a performance, or have to leave one for any reason, our ushers will make every effort to find you a seat during a suitable break. Please be advised that this may not be the seat you are ticketed for.

12. What accessibility assistive services are offered at the theatres?

We are committed to making everyone’s theatre experience extraordinary. Our facilities are accessible, and we offer assistive devices and services to patrons as and when required. Please see our Accessibility page for more details.

13. May I bring my backpack, bag or suitcase into the theatre?

We ask that you leave all coats, bags and all large personal items at home.  If you do choose to bring large items, they will be stored separated from you in the theatre area, and we reserve the right to search any bag entering our facility.

14. Do the theatres have free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is available in all of our theatre lobbies. As a courtesy to the actors and your fellow patrons, please completely turn off all electronic devices prior to a performance.

15. Where can I stay?

Our Visit pages list a wide range of accommodations, as well as dining and leisure options.  


1. Will I have to be screened for COVID-19 before entering?

Beginning May 1, the Stratford Festival will no longer be conducting passive screening at all theatre ventures or active screening at any catered event.

2. Will we have to wear masks at all times?

We strongly recommend that masks be worn in our venues. As our theatres place the audience so close to the action on stage, masking helps protect not only audience members but also the actors, who cannot wear masks when performing. By keeping them safe, we all can help prevent COVID-related performance cancellations. Our onsite staff are fully vaccinated and will continue to wear masks.

3. Will you supply masks - what kind of masks are acceptable?

Our onsite staff can provide you with a disposable mask should you forget your own. Face coverings must cover the full mouth and nose. Those that are open at the top, and not snug to your skin around your nose, cheeks and jaw are not appropriate. Medical masks are encouraged for all those that have access to them.

4. Are there any COVID procedures I should be aware of before attending a show?

Stratford Festival patrons are responsible for complying with all COVID regulations regarding entry. For the safety of our patrons and staff, we strongly recommend that masks be worn in our venues. At this time, food and beverages are not allowed in the auditoriums but can be enjoyed in the lobbies or outside.

5. Will I have to be vaccinated to come?

We will no longer be checking proof of vaccination at the door, except in the case of Reduced Capacity Performances. Those seeking additional measures may wish to attend a reduced capacity performance at the Stratford Festival, where proof of vaccination is required, in addition to masking and physical distancing. The following requirements will apply:

  • Patrons must be fully vaccinated (full series of vaccinations received at least 14 days prior to visit)
  • All guests must provide ID that matches the name and date of birth on the proof of vaccine and this ID must be government-issued or issued by an institution/public organization
  • Additional information regarding health Canada approved vaccines can be found here
  • International visitors should provide the same documentation used to enter Canada

6. What are your cleaning procedures?

We have updated our air filtration system in all our buildings, cleaning protocols, products and shifts, with guidance from our local health unit in response to the COVID-19 virus. To ensure we are following the most up-to-date recommendations we will continue to work closely with our health unit and update our procedures as appropriate. 

Haven't found the answer to your questions? Please contact us for further assistance.